The rules of the United States Golf Association govern all play with the addition of the following local rules:

  • Out of bounds is defined by white stakes, paved streets and right of the lake on #5.
  • Water hazards are identified by yellow stakes and defined by yellow lines. Rule 26-1
  • Lateral water hazards are identified by red stakes and defined by red lines. Rule 26-1
  • Ground under repair is defined by white lines. Active fire ant mounds, newly sodded areas, French drains, flower beds and staked trees are deemed to be ground under repair. Relief must be taken if a player’s stance or intended area of swing is interfered with by a flower bed or a staked tree. Rule 25-1
  • Embedded ball rule is in effect through the green. A ball that is embedded in its own pitchmark in the ground (other than sand) may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay, but not nearer the hole. The ball, when dropped, must first strike a part of the course through the green. Appendix I
  • Drop circles have been provided on holes #4, #11 and #13, along with a ball drop on #5 for our ladies.
  • Please play without undue delay. Rule 6-7
  • Please use the Exit/Enter stakes when playing golf.  You may enter the course after the Enter sign, carts back to the path prior to the Exit sign.

Fairway and cart path distance markers are to the green’s center.

Sprinkler heads are measured to the green’s front, middle and back.

Gold 74.2/136 80.1/151
Blue 72.4./131 78.0/148
Green 71.1/130 76.6/143
White 70.2/129 75.6/142
Black 68.5/121 73.3/134
Red 66.7/118 71.1/130