Members and their guests should observe the following rules and etiquettes at all times for the maximum enjoyment of all members.


All players and their accompanied guests must register with the Pro Shop before play. Failure to register prior to play means that the player has no standing on the court and is subject to being bumped. Members are subject to being charged guest fees for all players if the shop is not informed of all player's names – both members and non-members prior to play.

Proper tennis attire shall be worn at all times by both adults and juniors. Proper attire shall consist of appropriate tennis attire and tennis shoes. Running shoes will not be permitted on the courts. Jog bras, halter-tops, cut off sleeveless shirts and men's tank tops are not permitted. Men are permitted to wear shirts that are sleeveless by design, not cut or torn.

When the clay courts are too wet for play, no play will be permitted due to the damage it could cause the courts. Please check in with the tennis shop prior to playing on the clay courts.

Courtesy and consideration should be observed at all times. Players and spectators shall not walk across or behind a court while a point is being played or a lesson is in progress. Players shall not enter the court when play is in progress. Disregard for court courtesy should be reported to the Tennis Professional.

No food, gum or beverages other than water or sports drinks will be permitted on the courts. Soft drinks, coffee and tea will stain the courts surface.

Scheduled tournaments, leagues and club events have priority over regular play.

Loud or abusive language, racket throwing or hitting balls indiscriminately at anytime is strictly prohibited. Such action will result in the player being asked to leave the area and could result in possible disciplinary actions taken by the tennis committee.


Members may entertain guests provided that members either accompany guests or inform the club in writing that they will be sponsoring such guests prior to their arrival. A member must accompany guests who live and/or work within a 50-mile radius of Hollytree. The same guest will be permitted to play no more than two times per calendar month. Guest fees will be 10.00 at all times for guests playing with a member. The guest fees for sponsored guests playing without a member will be 15.00 at all times. Guest fees are applicable 24 hours/day seven days a week. A fee of will be billed to any member playing with a guest who has exceeded their allowed two visits in a single calendar month. Guests are not allowed to exceed the third 25.00 visit. 

Guest fees will automatically be billed by the pro shop to the member who reserved the court unless the guest or member pays the pro shop the appropriate fee prior to play. If a member reserves a court immediately following a lesson the court may only be reserved for a (1) hour time period if other members are waiting to play. Guest fees must be paid if guests are on the court. A guest fee is valid for the specific time period it is paid for. It is not an all day guest pass. If a guest uses the ball machine with a member the appropriate rental fees and guest fees must be paid.

When nonmembers participate in Hollytree Intra-Club leagues as a sub for a member he/she is not counted as a guest. When a nonmember plays for his/her Hollytree league team in a home match that match does not count a guest visit.

Court Reservations:

Court reservations may be scheduled no more than (3) days in advance only by the member who will be using the court. One member may only reserve one court. A member may not reserve a court on behalf of another member. A Hollytree team captain may reserve up to two courts in his/her name for team practice. The team captain reserving the court(s) is responsible to the payment of all guest fees. Captains may only reserve two courts starting two weeks prior to the start of their league and until the team completes their season.

The pro shop will reserve courts for all Hollytree league teams when the schedules are presented to the pro shop by the team captain. Warm up courts are not reserved for team matches. Members playing in a team match are not permitted to reserve court time within the 2 hours preceding the scheduled team match. Members and opponents are welcome to “walk on” any open court prior to a match to warm up on but are subject to being “bumped” at any time.

While courts are available, reservations will be accepted for up to 2 hours of play. Members who have played 2 hours may not play, individually or collectively, during the next time sector if others want to play. You may, however, check in at the Pro Shop and put your name on standby for a subsequent time sector.

A member with or without a reservation, who has not played, has priority over members who have played and are on standby. Members should always play on the courts assigned to them at check in. If someone is on the wrong court please notify the pro shop. Playing on a court other than the one assigned could cause you to lose your court reservation.

Court reservations should include the names of all the players: members and guests.

Specific court numbers will be assigned when players arrive for play. Members may request specific court numbers, but may be moved prior to play. Failure to check in within 10 minutes of your reserved time will result in forfeiture of your court reservation.

Any players who leave their court for more than 15 minutes will lose their standing.

If a member fails to cancel a court reservation at least (3) hours in advance he/she is subject to a .00 charge. This rule applies to captains reserving two courts for practice and only using one court. If such member fails to cancel a court reservation more than (2) times he/she will lose court reservation privileges for a (3) month period. The same charge will be billed to league captains not canceling a court for a home match when one or more matches are being defaulted by either team.

Courts shall be surrendered immediately if others are outside the gate waiting for the next reservation time slot.

A waiting player is responsible of notifying those playing of the period change.

The Tennis Professional, or Pro Shop personnel in his absence, shall have full charge of the tennis facility and shall be the final authority as to the interpretation or enforcement of these rules. The cooperation of all members is requested, including self-enforcement of the rules.

Revised: 3/2023